Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Evil Nurses and Unhappy Patients

This past weekend Western Reserve Paranormal traveled to Madison Seminary, in the quaint village of Madison (about 15 minutes east of Mentor).

The building (actually it's two connected buildings) has quite a history, dating back to before the civil war.

During it's many years of operation, it was a school, a halfway house, and a mental institution.

We encountered a lot of things our night there, including voices, and a few spectral apparitions.

The 4th floor, which housed the more mentally damaged patients, was an especially hot area.

Team member Bill had a channeling episode with some angry patients, bitter at being locked into linen closets by a nasty nurse. Later he confronted the nurse, and was cursed out by her spirit.

Team member Chris later that evening encountered the ghost of Beatrice, a former patient who longed to go home.

Team member Natasha and guest member Jen heard voices and footsteps in other parts of the hospital.

Bill captured the below photo on the 4th floor of the hospital. It is somewhat similar to other photo's captured at the building.

We can't wait to go back someday to do further investigating.