Sunday, May 31, 2009

Updates Galore!

Hello fellow ghost hunters!

Sorry for the lack of updating to this blog. As every two weeks there are state of the group messages going out, so shall this blog now be updated every two weeks as well.

The Rider's Inn investigation and dinner was a HUGE success. I suspect we'll be going back to this spirited location in the not to distant future!

Our first ghost walk of the season was also well received. We had so many people come along we had to break up into two separate groups. Alot of neat pictures and EVP's were captured.

To those who are attending the Moundsville Investigation this coming friday, it should be a GREAT time! If you missed it this time, never fear we are likely going to be making this an annual trip.

Upcoming, on June 14th we'll have our second annual Western Reserve Paranormal Picnic at Squire's Castle in the Chagrin Reservation. Squire's Castle Picnic Area is located off Chagrin River Road in North Chagrin Reservation, south of Chardon Road/Route 6 in Willoughby Hills.

Our second ghost walk of the season will be on July 11th and will take place at Indigo Lake. Will be making arrangements with Hale Farm and Village to allow us to use their parking lot for this investigation.

As always, happy haunting!