Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Western Reserve Paranormal Getting The Press

Our most recent ghost hunting class at Heavenly Hardware brought out a local author!

Casey Daniels writes the Pepper Martin mysteries, a series of paranormal themed books.

Here's what she had to say about us!

So it's great that we're making a difference out there in the world.

Don't forget our next class is July 11th from 4 to 6 again at Heavenly Hardware.

After that we have our ghost walk at Indigo Lake from 8 to 10.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Happy Haunting!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Upcoming Investigation: Bissman Building Mansfield

We are now booked for an investigation at the Bissman Building in Mansfield on August 8th.

Fee for this investigation is $55 per person.

I spoke to the man who runs the building, and he confirmed it is EXTREMELY haunted.

Here's a brief history of the building....

The Bissman Building was the site of the Brewer Hotel where Brooks, actor James Whitmore, went to stay and hung himself soon after being paroled from The Shawshank Prison.
The building was also utilized in the film as the front office of the building for the set of the Portland Daily Bugle.

The structure was built in 1886 where Peter Bissman's expanded wholesale grocery still stands today, but not in operation. In the early 1930s the twenty smokestacks on the north and south sides of the Bissman's filled the early morning air with the rich aroma of coffee, as its own brands Red Ban Java Blend, Steel Cut and Acme were prepared fresh each day. Downtown residents would wake to the scent of roasting coffee beans and return home at workday's end to the fragrance of roasting peanuts.

The building has an early Romantic Gothic styling and shares a haunting similarity with the Historic Ohio State Reformatory since they were both built in the same year by the same architect.

In 2007 the building was leased to a major film production company, the Midnight Syndicate, for the production of The Dead Matter, a vampire movie to be released in October of 2008.

The Bissman building, nicknamed as Dead Souls Studio, has a long history of haunted activities and has hosted ghost hunters from all directions including a recent visit from English ghost hunter Ellis Byrd of Gussethunters Paranormal.

This building is on private property and is not available for tours. Visitors can take photos of the outside of the building.
* borrowed from Mansfield website